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Welcome to the World

of Future Cryptocurrency with Stability

Oppurtunity to Participate in World’s Largest DAO with Stability and Flexibility.

The better Money

Digital currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Bitcoin, despite all of its advantages, is an inconvenient form of money because of its volatility.
Relive Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is stable. 1RLC$=1USD. Always. How? Relive Coin has automatic mechanisms that stabilize the price no matter what is happening in the markets. Like an open-source bank controlled by every user via voting and with no central authority.
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The World’s First

Unbiased Currency

RLC is a stable, decentralized currency that does not discriminate. Any individual or
business can realize the advantages of digital money.

ReliveCoin is designed to keep prices stable by algorithmically adjusting supply

  • When demand is rising the blockchain will create more ReliveCoin. The expended supply is designed to bring the ReliveCoin price back down.
  • When demand is falling the blockchain will buy back ReliveCoin.
  • The ReliveCoin protocal is designed to expand and contact supply similarly to the way central banks buy and sell fiscal debt to stablize purchasing power. For this reason, we refer to ReliveCoin as having an algorithmic central bank.

RLC Governance

RLC holder are responsible for governing the Stable protocal, which includes adjusting policy for the RLC stablecoin, choosing new collateral type, and improving governancte itself. Anyone can be RLC holder and all are welcome to come join us in shaping the future of DeFi.

Financial freedom
with no volatility

A price-stable currency that you control. Generate RLC on you terms, instantly.

1RLC= $1



First Release

Website Launch, Smart Contract integration, White Paper First Look.

Media Promotion

Aug 2020


Free Coins to Selected Persons

People who have lost their money in Alt coins or Failed Project will get Priority

Sept’20 to Nov’20

Official Release

ICO Launch

Official Release


Hotels and Flight Booking

B2B Partnership Network & Ongoing Marketing Efforts

Merchandise Online stores, (Shops will have Items which can be Purchased By RLC$)

Q4 2021


Decentralized Autonomous Organization Set UP(DAO)

E governance Set Up

Updates on regulatory licenses

Key Product development and Team Set UP

210 Governing Counsel Members selection

Q3 2021


Relive Coin 2.0

Exchange Listing

Global Community Formation

Q2 2021

Payment System Integration

Debit Card Program

Users Can interact with Non Crypto System

Q1 2022


Decentralized Fiat Crypto Brokerage Networks, Fiat Back Up, Setting Up New Corridors

Full decentralization with External Audit System , Proof of Authority Development of Block chain 5.0, Offline Data Transfer, Artificial Intelligence

Academic and University Collaboration, University and Outreach and Hackathons, Scholarship and Research Support


Frequently ask Questions

What is ReliveCoin
ReliveCoin is ERC 20 Smart Contract which will run on Ethereum Block Chain and is Fully Decentralized it’s having 210 Million Supply which will Release gradually Over a Time of 10 Years.
How ReliveCoin is Stable
ReliveCoin is Stable by Algorithm and it will behave like its Peg with USD and our system will try to have rates near to USD always for more details visit FAQ Economics on Home Page.
ReliveCoin Looks Like Centralized
Any Organization takes time ranging from 2 to 4 Years to become fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization we have just started and aimed to make DAO fully functional by next 2 years. For more details visit Decentralization at Home Page.
What is Split Program
ReliveCoin Split Program is unique Coin Distribution Program in which Asset Holder’s get Bonus Coins against Certain Period, As a Developer we will sale coins only once up to 5% and 80% of Total Supply will only be distributed by Split Program. This is first time in Cryptocurrency world that Coin Developers are Distributing Major Portion of Coins in a transparent way. On Each registration we give 5 Free Split so that we achieved uniform distribution.
How Much time it will take to complete Split
We have an algorithm in place and Split will be controlled by the algorithm but as a developers we can name the factor’s which affect Split and they are Total Number of Coins in Split, Total Participants, and Total Number of Circulating Coins after Split. It can be predicted to be 150 to 180 Days but this is just predication we even can’t tell exact Period.
What is Difficulty
Difficulty is just a Number which is driven by Split Algorithm and its purpose is to control the Total Supply So that Relive Coin will Achieve Price Stability. Whenever a Participant withdraw coins from Split vault Total number of Coins will be divided by Difficulty and the result will come to main vault.
When Can be Coins withdrawn from Split Vault
There is a 03 Day window after each Split Completion for withdrawal from Split Vault.
When week is closed
Every Monday before Midnight (-6 GMT)
What is Smart Contract Address of ReliveCoin
Smart Contact Address- 0xc8a0d450ac26f71e9ec1b37a6d704ea43a03b780
What is Farming Wallet
Farming Wallet is made to give strength to Relive Coin Price Stability and also to ensure that the person who enters First in Split Program will get benefitted first. This is expected that after completion of Split there will be increase in circulating supply of RLC and it can impact Pricestability. Our Farming Wallet Algorithm will ensure that even after withdrawal users will get coins in a balance way.
What is Activation

To get 100% benefits of Relive Coin Affiliate Program ID must be active at Blockchain, User have to Click Button Activate ID on Dashboard and Allow transaction from Meta Mask/Trust Wallet ensure to have Sufficient Transaction Fee in account once Transaction Confirm system will send 1 RLC to the Connected Wallet and ID will be Activated for All Benefits

What is Masternode Program
“Masternode Program is Backbone of decentralization , RLC Community will have 21 Masternode and 210 Nodes.
Masternode and Node have certain voting rights and by this they will ensure Decentralization and Stability of Relive Coin
Masternode and Nodes will get Annual Benefits which will be communicated Later
Masternodes will be Representing Different regions of World and have to show loyality towards RLC Community
Formation of RLC Community is in Process
What is Membership Fee
With the launch of Relive Coin 2.0 we have decided to remove membership Fee of 5RLC which is there in current Plan, Now user have to maintain atleast 1 RLC to Activate Account and this will incurred gas fee hence in order to reduce load on customer we are removing 5RLC Registration Fee.
How to Buy RLC
User have Option to Buy RLC from Exchanges but till the time we are not having exchange we have given Buy RLC Button and user can Buy RLC by using is ethereum wallet
How to Withdraw RLC from main wallet?
User Make Sure Ethereum Wallet is connected to the Site and have sufficient Transaction Fee than Go to Transaction > Withdraw from Main Wallet > Enter Amount of RLC to withdraw > Enter Transaction Password > Press Withdraw Button > Confirm Transaction at Meta Mask/Trust Wallet and RLC will be added to Ethereum Wallet and form Ethereum wallet user can take it to exchange for Trading.
How to Add Relive Coin to Ethereum Wallet/ I have received Relive Coin but Balance not reflecting?
Most of the wallets not show New ERC 20 Automatically. User have to Find Add Custom Token Option and Paste Relive Coin Smart Contract Address and Save the Address by Pressing Add Token or Done after this Wallet will Reflect The Relive Coin Balance
How Rewards will be Calculated?
Most of Users have confusion on Rewards because of Change in Reward Criteria and Existing Old Business, We are hereby addressing this Question, As the Reward Criteria are changed hence all Rewards are now Calculated on New Criteria but the Binary Bonus which user earned in Old System will be also counted, Apart from this for users who have earned Rewards in Old System they are Eligible for only higher level Rewards here means if anyone is already Received Rising Start Reward than he will be eligible for higher rewards in new system but not for The Same, Please also Note Rewards are on Next Basis hence After each Achievement New counting will start from Zero, New System all gifts are Physical but looking Upon Current Scenario if giving Physical Gift is not possible User will get Equivalent Relive Coin in his Ethereum Wallet.
Is there any Rules for Withdrawal from Split Wallet?

Relive Coin Split Program is Long Term Program and it should not be promoted as Quick Get Rich Scheme or any Return on Investment Plan. The Benefit which user is getting is completely Bonus for Holding and Promoting Relive Coin to build a Sustainable Ecosystem

We have implemented few rules which is also in line with Government Policy and applicable to All Participants and Those Participants who don’t have Coins in Split Balance will not get any benefit including affiliate Program.

First Split will be holding Period for All, Second Split will Allow 50% withdrawal, Third Split will allow 80% withdrawal, Fourth Split will Allow 90% and after fifth Split User can withdraw 100%.

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